Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Modern day relationships are being taken over by virtual meetups rather than real life. Smartphones were purported to automate most of the human tasks and it has succeeded in doing so. Smartphones have hopped into private spaces of users and now even dating is conducted online. There are social networking sites that assists in doing so. No matter where you live, given you have access to internet you are likely to get a partner to date in any hemisphere of this planet. For minority communities like trans-single, such trans hookup apps are a blessing. Online dating has its own pros and cons. Some of them are listed below:


A lot of user base
More than 6 billion people on the planet and still it is not easy to find a soulmate. The reason being lack of access to everyone. Online dating sites including the exclusive dating ones such as trans dating apps have a wide user base where you have the liberty to choose the best of your choice.

Biggest platform for LGBT dating
LGBTs suffer the most for they being not so significantly larger section of the society. Through exclusive LGBT dating apps, they are able to grow a wider network that too worldwide to share, connect and find their soulmate.

You make choices skeptically
The best part about these apps/sites is the intensive information they ask while you create a profile. This simplifies for a user to skeptically know in advance the person they are willing to choose and go with.

Easy communication
Online dating apps are interactive and loaded with features. You have the option to find local transgenders, potential partners. You can filter your choices and also communicate through chat and video calling features at anytime and anywhere easily.

Meet matches from beyond boundaries and cultures
Online dating sites has boosted up social networking so much that now you have easy access to users from around the world. It raises the level of thrill and excitement to meet people from different culture and interact.

It is passive than conventional dating
It is more comfortable and friendly form. Where you have to take care of every bit of yourself while conventional dating, like personal grooming, dressing up, discipline and stuff, in case of online dating you just have to relax on your couch and talk through cell phones.

Exclusive apps for ts dating
Ts hookup has been made easier through exclusive trans dating apps. These apps aim at creating a separate space for transgender/transsexual community worldwide where they can look for their partners without facing prejudices by society.


Prevailing frauds in recent times
Online dating sites have been exposed to various frauds and cyber enabled crimes. People masquerade their identity and attempt to deceive the other person they meet online to get financial benefits.

Lack of privacy
Privacy has always been an issue in all these tinder, Grindr, tg personal apps. There are chances that the private media you share online may be misused by the other party.

Prejudice faced by transgender and LGBT community
Transgender and LGBT have to face discrimination from society. A number of ts date app has been introduced for a safer and peaceful space for them.

What Do You Know About Male to Female Transformation?

For many transgenders, transition to the gender they feel comfortable about is a requirement to achieve happiness. A man who transitioned to a woman is actually a woman with a man's body, while in her deep heart, she always feels that she is a real woman. In this circumstance, they often show this desire in their life. Usually this desire will appear in their early age, some men show subtle change when they are ten or more years old. The transition from man to women can be easy just as learning make, also can be complicated as gender reassignment surgery. In other words, the choice of how a man want to change is a rather personal decision, but a rash one.

For most transgender, a gender reassignment surgery is a good thing, which is also a significant choice after serious consideration. This is of vital importance, which mustn't go off the deep end. The first thing they do is experiment to actually see what will it be like to be a woman. This kind of personal experience is very crucial for any choice in the future. Life experience is the best teacher for many occasions. For some people, it will be a lot easier. They dress like women and walk into the public without any question and hesitation. While for some, they may feel uncomfortable for doing that. There's a woman but with a man's body. Even though "she" knows everyone will think "her" as a weirdo or even a pervert, "she" still wears female clothes to shopping. This is why I say the choice is really up to themselves.

Those who want to transition to be men or women often start with wearing makeup and female clothes. Some special makeup can enable men to look more feminine by turning the male facial feature into female. Thanks to the advanced technology, transgenders can search advise and help from those who have went through the same thing. Another choice is that to take female hormone, in order to shape their body of women, like breasts. So long as a man take this meatsure, it will be a stepping stone for his gender reassignment surgery in the coming future. Before the operation, most doctors will have a conversation with their patients to make sure they are fully prepared both mentally and physically.

The last step during the process from male to female is called vaginoplasty by taking penis out and shape it to vagina. The recovery period of this surgery is extremely long. It will take at least several months, some even take years to recover. The recovery not only includes operative wound, but also the time of adjusting to a new productive organ. However, if this is what you want after serious consideration, the adaptation time will be insignificant compared to the rest of your life.

What do You Know about Dating a Transgender Woman?

Topics on dating a transgender have never turn to an unexpected winter since the term emerged. When it comes to this topic, the perspectives of individuals vary hugely. Today, we are talking about some controversial topic on dating a transgender.

Lots of people think that transgender dating will be a lot different from dating a cisgender woman. This is not so true. Actually, there is not much difference between the two concepts. Those who agree to this opinion often hold the idea that transgender women are not real woman. They are men who want to become women but never can. But actually, if you think the idea that transgender women are women all the way. It would be a lot easier to understand. Take gay or lesbian for an example. Gay and lesbian are who they are all the time. No matter how hard they push their nature away, they homosexual. We can't say that if a lesbian act to like women, or she pretend to like makeups or certain girly topics, then she is straight. This is not right. That is not who they are. I think one day, the lesbian come out in public and face her true self to be who she really is, that is the day we present our true self. You can't say she is not a lesbian. This also works on transgender.

For transgenders, the purpose of they coming out is really not to be able to date who they like, it is just about let their mind go and let themselves to be free. They can do what they want and say what in their mind. This is the most amazing feel in the world for transgenders. Cisgender people always get to be their real self, so they may cannot understand it. But it is due to their misunderstand, the dream of being true self becomes a luxury.

But I am not saying that trans dating are exactly the same as dating a cisgender woman. There are certain experiences that we will never have and never will due to biological differences. Such as pregnancy, period and so on. But some may be a bonus for transgenders, such as periods.

There is another controversial topic about transgender women is that transgender women are all straight. This also proves our real gender identity. There are many transgender women are bisexual, homosexual, or pansexual. Therefore, we are not transitioning for dating straight guys, because some of us still like girls after transition. Gender identity has nothing to do with sexual orientation. No matter you are a transgender or cisgender, you can be bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, or pansexual, any sexual orientation you want, as soon as you feel comfortable.

Many cisgender people assume our ideas of transition. But how do they know if they do not even know anything about it personally. These controversial topics only exist between cisgenders. That is why they are still remain myths.

Dating Tips for Transgender People

There are plenty of ways to meet people, like online dating, dating apps, and LGBT dating apps. There is also old-fashioned ways of dating, like get out to meet other people, find someone who has similar interests by going out. That's just universally true whether you are trans people or not. When it comes to actually engaging in trans dating, that's when things get a little more complicated for trans people, so that's sort of what we are focus on.

Be open yo be honest to genuine, this is very important in every relationship, in every aspect of dating, but especially with transgender people, because you don't want to feel like you are hiding anything and you don't want to make anyone think that you have anything to hide. I think you definitely need to come out to your significant other as soon as possible, but that's is a little more complicated. Be open about yourself and all aspects of your life, I mean ts dating is just getting to know another person and if being trans is a major part of your life, that's something you should want them to know about. You don't want to pretend to be something you are not, if you are not a very masculine trans man, don't put on this air of masculinity. As a trans person, you should take pride in the fact that you have gone against all odds, in order to be true to yourself, people will pick that up and they real appreciate that because that is not very common especially today. When it comes time to tell the person that you are talking to or on a date with that you are trans, it can be a little bit scary.

Trangender topics are actually really big now. so it's not that difficult to find a way to work that into whatever you are talking about. There's a lot of way that you can bring it up and just kind of work it in and see how they reacts and what they say. You have a general ideal on where you can go from there, obviously if you are super hateful and transphobic, it makes things a little bit awkward, but you shouldn't feel bad like you are missing out or regret bringing up the topic, because eventually it should come up and if they have an issue with it, then they are not the one you want to be with.

It's not a scary thing to be trans or date trans people. If you come out to them in a way that portrays being trans as just being another interesting part about you. If you make it like a huge confession, like you have been hiding something from them, like it is so scary to date you and you have all these issues because you are trans, that's a major red flag to them. I know that's really difficult because a lot of times coming out feels exactly like that, but there is nothing wrong with being trans and it does not make you any less desirable as a partner. When it comes to dating, you should try to come out as soon as possible, be very genuine.

Why Men Prefer a Transgender Woman

There are reasons why men prefer a transgender woman. When it comes to dating and fulfill your personal sexual desires, most men prefer a transgender woman to date no matter it’s their first transgender date or they dated a transgender woman before too. But there are valid reason that why men prefer a transgender woman to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

There are many reasons that tell us why transgender woman are better than cis women when it comes about sexual fantasies. Here in this article, we have listed few reasons that declare a transgender woman a best trans dating partner as compared to cis woman without any argument. Let’s discuss about these reasons why men give more preference to a transgender woman rather than a cis woman –

Transgender woman are more supporting and understand what exactly men wants from you in bed. It is well saying and men too believe that transgender women are good in bed and completely understand what exactly men want from their dating partner. Dating a transgender woman provides you a luxury to fulfill all your fantasies. Transgender woman are best in bed and they don’t need to guide or instruct when you are talking about sexual pleasure and personal fantasies. As being a transgender woman, they know how to implement things and please there man in bed.

When you are dating with a cis woman, there are many things that you may take care about her like she must feel comfortable and you have to handle her quite delicately. They are more sensitive and full of emotions on the other hand, you never expect few things that you really want in your date night. These things will only bring that pleasure in you that you are looking for years. But you don’t have to worry about all these things when you are dating a transgender woman because they are stronger than cis woman and can handle things quite gently than a cis woman. If you are dating a transgender woman, there is an advantage that you don’t have to care about her comfort because transgender woman are more adjustable than cis woman and it is said that if a transgender woman will really loves you than you are one of the lucky man live in this planet because a transgender woman can do anything for you in the name of love and definitely will give you an ultimate pleasure that you will make your day and also you will remember for years.

When you are dating a cis woman, it becomes your duty that you have to call her daily or taking her out on expensive places and also you have to please her by giving expensive gifts but in transgender dating, these things won’t bother you and the only thing a transgender woman want from you is your love, care for her. She is not after your money and you don’t have to spend much time to please her.

These are the reasons why men prefer a transgender woman over a cis woman.

Several Things You Need to Know About Exploration of Gender Identity

The population of LGBTQ community is growing every year. We have many people realize their gender identity and sexual orientation every day. There are lesbian, gay, queer, transgender. As for sexual orientation, there are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual. We also have lots of people who are unsure of who they are and whom they are attracted to. Gender identity and sexual orientation are complicated and will only be figured out by yourselves. No one can help you. Today, we are talking about something you need to know about exploration of gender identity. I hope these can help you in some way.

Before we enter the topic. There's something I'd like to address. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate things. That is to say, being a trans does not mean you can't be gay or lesbian. You can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual no matter if you are a transgender person or cisgender person. These two concepts do not overlap. They are separated.

First, only you can explore your gender identity. If you have problem with your born gender, only you can decide and learn yourself, not anyone else. Gender identity is a very personal problem. Whether you are a transgender or cisgender, you are the only person that knows it. You are the only person that can question it. You are also the only person that can decide whether to change your gender or not.

Second, only you can know what is your gender identity. You can be transgender or cisgender. You can be a bisexual transgender, homosexual transgender, bisexual transgender or heterosexual transgender. No one knows you better than yourself. Do not be restrained by the existent knowledge of gender identity. You can be way more than that. You can even be a new existent. Only you can know your preferences.

Third, you can take as much time as you need to figure it out. There's no time limitation on this issue. You are in charge of yourself. If you need months, you can have it. If you need years, that is totally okay. No one will rush you and no one is obligated to do that.

Forth, everyone has different life experiences and perspectives. You should respect it just as they should respect yours. When you are exploring your gender identity, there may be some different opinions from people around you. If you are identifying yourself as transgender, there will be lots of people who do not accept you. That is okay. It is just one of their perspectives. You can't change it and you don't have to. You just need to be yourself and agree to disagree.

Fifth, it is okay that you can’t understand something at present. Your experiences and knowledge is limited. That is why there are still some things you can’t figure it out. That is absolutely okay. Do not worry. You will get there eventually.

Five Reasons Transgender Women aren't Interested In You

Both men and women often make the mistake of focusing more on their own affairs when someone attracted to them doesn't seem to care if they're alive or not. Let's say this is something we've done or haven't done. If you can find someone who isn't interested in you in time and understand the problem, you'll save time to find the right person. If you're pursuing a trans woman or just abandoned by a trans woman, then you need to know why trans women aren't interested in you. Here's why some transgender women aren't interested in you.

She is an asexual

It's rare, and more likely that she isn't interested in men because of their bad attitudes or missteps. That is to say, if a woman you like is asexual, it may not be something everyone knows. She doesn't tell people her history because it's her privacy and no one else's business. You think she's not interested in you, you're right, but maybe it's because she's not interested in anybody. Asexuality is rare but it doesn't mean it isn't.

She has a specific ideal type of man

Trans singles tend to be more flexible about fetishes or desirable traits than men. Emotional connections can often widen physical connections and sexual orientations, but not always. Some women have strong personal preferences. Perhaps she was a dark, slender, bearded man. In this case, as long as you have a type that does not meet her ideal, then you do not have any hope.

You are a very nice man

Mind you, I'm not saying men should stop being nice. I'm not saying that men should be more aggressive, ignoring compromises, but many women are inexplicably seduced by hooligans. Good men have a point when they complain about their ex dating and that men treat them like crap. "Bad boy" is a major romantic theme in many movies and romance novels, and many women fall in love with a slovenly, macho, troubled man. You can't solve the problem for her, and don't try.

One is too obedient and the other too dominant

There should be no hierarchy in a relationship. Being too obedient on one side and too dominant on the other can make a relationship unstable and unhealthy. If a woman's proclivity is strong, she will be critical of her partner. If you find you can't satisfy her proclivities, give up. As the saying goes, old does not come, new does not come.

She was torn about her feelings

She may have been married or involved in a complex relationship or group of relationships in which it would be unwise to include someone. Maybe she doesn't like casual encounters, and she wants to leave her part to someone with a long-term goal. Maybe she's just looking for a one-night stand instead of a serious relationship, and you're clearly looking for a lasting, serious transgender dating relationship.