What do You Know about Dating a Transgender Woman?

Topics on dating a transgender have never turn to an unexpected winter since the term emerged. When it comes to this topic, the perspectives of individuals vary hugely. Today, we are talking about some controversial topic on dating a transgender.

Lots of people think that transgender dating will be a lot different from dating a cisgender woman. This is not so true. Actually, there is not much difference between the two concepts. Those who agree to this opinion often hold the idea that transgender women are not real woman. They are men who want to become women but never can. But actually, if you think the idea that transgender women are women all the way. It would be a lot easier to understand. Take gay or lesbian for an example. Gay and lesbian are who they are all the time. No matter how hard they push their nature away, they homosexual. We can't say that if a lesbian act to like women, or she pretend to like makeups or certain girly topics, then she is straight. This is not right. That is not who they are. I think one day, the lesbian come out in public and face her true self to be who she really is, that is the day we present our true self. You can't say she is not a lesbian. This also works on transgender.

For transgenders, the purpose of they coming out is really not to be able to date who they like, it is just about let their mind go and let themselves to be free. They can do what they want and say what in their mind. This is the most amazing feel in the world for transgenders. Cisgender people always get to be their real self, so they may cannot understand it. But it is due to their misunderstand, the dream of being true self becomes a luxury.

But I am not saying that trans dating are exactly the same as dating a cisgender woman. There are certain experiences that we will never have and never will due to biological differences. Such as pregnancy, period and so on. But some may be a bonus for transgenders, such as periods.

There is another controversial topic about transgender women is that transgender women are all straight. This also proves our real gender identity. There are many transgender women are bisexual, homosexual, or pansexual. Therefore, we are not transitioning for dating straight guys, because some of us still like girls after transition. Gender identity has nothing to do with sexual orientation. No matter you are a transgender or cisgender, you can be bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, or pansexual, any sexual orientation you want, as soon as you feel comfortable.

Many cisgender people assume our ideas of transition. But how do they know if they do not even know anything about it personally. These controversial topics only exist between cisgenders. That is why they are still remain myths.