Several Things You Need to Know About Exploration of Gender Identity

The population of LGBTQ community is growing every year. We have many people realize their gender identity and sexual orientation every day. There are lesbian, gay, queer, transgender. As for sexual orientation, there are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual. We also have lots of people who are unsure of who they are and whom they are attracted to. Gender identity and sexual orientation are complicated and will only be figured out by yourselves. No one can help you. Today, we are talking about something you need to know about exploration of gender identity. I hope these can help you in some way.

Before we enter the topic. There's something I'd like to address. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate things. That is to say, being a trans does not mean you can't be gay or lesbian. You can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual no matter if you are a transgender person or cisgender person. These two concepts do not overlap. They are separated.

First, only you can explore your gender identity. If you have problem with your born gender, only you can decide and learn yourself, not anyone else. Gender identity is a very personal problem. Whether you are a transgender or cisgender, you are the only person that knows it. You are the only person that can question it. You are also the only person that can decide whether to change your gender or not.

Second, only you can know what is your gender identity. You can be transgender or cisgender. You can be a bisexual transgender, homosexual transgender, bisexual transgender or heterosexual transgender. No one knows you better than yourself. Do not be restrained by the existent knowledge of gender identity. You can be way more than that. You can even be a new existent. Only you can know your preferences.

Third, you can take as much time as you need to figure it out. There's no time limitation on this issue. You are in charge of yourself. If you need months, you can have it. If you need years, that is totally okay. No one will rush you and no one is obligated to do that.

Forth, everyone has different life experiences and perspectives. You should respect it just as they should respect yours. When you are exploring your gender identity, there may be some different opinions from people around you. If you are identifying yourself as transgender, there will be lots of people who do not accept you. That is okay. It is just one of their perspectives. You can't change it and you don't have to. You just need to be yourself and agree to disagree.

Fifth, it is okay that you can’t understand something at present. Your experiences and knowledge is limited. That is why there are still some things you can’t figure it out. That is absolutely okay. Do not worry. You will get there eventually.