Five Reasons Transgender Women aren't Interested In You

Both men and women often make the mistake of focusing more on their own affairs when someone attracted to them doesn't seem to care if they're alive or not. Let's say this is something we've done or haven't done. If you can find someone who isn't interested in you in time and understand the problem, you'll save time to find the right person. If you're pursuing a trans woman or just abandoned by a trans woman, then you need to know why trans women aren't interested in you. Here's why some transgender women aren't interested in you.

She is an asexual

It's rare, and more likely that she isn't interested in men because of their bad attitudes or missteps. That is to say, if a woman you like is asexual, it may not be something everyone knows. She doesn't tell people her history because it's her privacy and no one else's business. You think she's not interested in you, you're right, but maybe it's because she's not interested in anybody. Asexuality is rare but it doesn't mean it isn't.

She has a specific ideal type of man

Trans singles tend to be more flexible about fetishes or desirable traits than men. Emotional connections can often widen physical connections and sexual orientations, but not always. Some women have strong personal preferences. Perhaps she was a dark, slender, bearded man. In this case, as long as you have a type that does not meet her ideal, then you do not have any hope.

You are a very nice man

Mind you, I'm not saying men should stop being nice. I'm not saying that men should be more aggressive, ignoring compromises, but many women are inexplicably seduced by hooligans. Good men have a point when they complain about their ex dating and that men treat them like crap. "Bad boy" is a major romantic theme in many movies and romance novels, and many women fall in love with a slovenly, macho, troubled man. You can't solve the problem for her, and don't try.

One is too obedient and the other too dominant

There should be no hierarchy in a relationship. Being too obedient on one side and too dominant on the other can make a relationship unstable and unhealthy. If a woman's proclivity is strong, she will be critical of her partner. If you find you can't satisfy her proclivities, give up. As the saying goes, old does not come, new does not come.

She was torn about her feelings

She may have been married or involved in a complex relationship or group of relationships in which it would be unwise to include someone. Maybe she doesn't like casual encounters, and she wants to leave her part to someone with a long-term goal. Maybe she's just looking for a one-night stand instead of a serious relationship, and you're clearly looking for a lasting, serious transgender dating relationship.