Why I was afraid of dating transgender people?

The same many people, I have afraid of transgender dating before meeting my girl friend who is a trans girl online. She changed my view on transgender people and transgender dating. As an ordinary guy who lives an ordinary life, I just wanted to meet a normal girl and have a long-term relationship with her. To be frank, I had known nothing about transgender people before. As we know that it is not easy to meet real transgender people in real life, so I didn't have any chance to meet transgender people in my former life. I just knew them from TV shows or movie, and I had never think about meeting and dating transgender women. While, it seemed not easy for me to meet an ideal girl for a serious and life-time relationship. I felt so sad, but I didn't know where and how to meet the right one. I knew from my friends that online dating is very popular, so I decided to join an online dating site to have a try. I chose to join transdr. In fact, I didn't know it is a tranny date app only for transgender people and trans dating finders at first. I was not interested in dating transgender people, but I always friendly to transgender people, I respect all transgender people I meet in life. I found that as a young man who is friendly to transgender women, I was welcomed by most of transgender users here.

As a straight guy on this special ts hookup and dating app, I started to find that it is so interesting to meet transgender people and make friends with them. After join this dating app for several days, I made many friends here, most of them are open-minded transgender women, while others are cisgender people who are interested in ts dating transgender people. I didn't have any experience of dating transgender people, but I know how to make them feel comfortable when chatting with them online. I felt that I was more and more welcomed by transgender women here, and I started to be interested in chatting with transgender women here.

One day, a message from a trans girl caught my eyes. She said, can I be friends with you? And introduced her to me. I didn't know why, I just want to know more about her and make friends with her. So we start to chat online. Everything went well and we became good friends quickly. About two weeks later, I invited her to meet in a park. I never mind that she is a trans girl, on the contrary, I think she is the same as other girls I met in life. Sometime, I even forget that she is a trans girl. We fell in love with each other when we first met each other in real life. Love comes without notice, Now I can really understand this kind of feeling. We are in a romantic relationship now. Luckily, my family and friends can accept her as a trans girl.