Transition journey from female to male

Transgender people can be divided into two types, there are some people who were born as male, while identify as female, others were born as male while identify as female. You are not alone if you are a female who identify as male. Thanks to the development of technology, transition surgery is enable men and women transform their gender to the opposite one. Gender reassignment surgery might be a new word for normal people, but for trans people who want to change their gender, it seems the only way that must be passed. If you are a female want to transform into a male, transition surgery will completely change their physical features into male. The surgery involves two stages, the upper stage and the bottom stage, hormonotherapy is also needs in the whole process. Have a trans dating now!

Transitioning surgery and hormonotherapy are not easy for all transgender people, this is one of the reason why many transgender people don't choose to undergo transitioning surgery. Another reason is the high cost. Not all transgender people can afford the costs of the surgery and treatment. For these two reasons, I can really understand how hard the life of transgender people is.

Transition surgery from female to male is a hard journey for everyone who wants to be the opposite gender. They should be brave enough to undertake the part journey. There are many problems before and after transitioning. Before transitioning, they need to think about the cost and the side effects of the surgery, after transitioning they need to think about how to be accepted by other people, especially their friends and families. In order to help tanssexual men to embrace the transition journey, here are some tips for them and people who want ts dating.

Accept yourself and accept your life as a transgender man. You cannot accept your gender at birth, it is wise to change your gender to the opposite one. Don't feel that you are a special person with special needs, it is so normal if you are not agree with the gender you are born with. One of the most important step for all trans men is to accept themselves. If they want to be accepted by the society, they should accept themselves at first.

Another important thing for transexual men is to dress and act like men. As I've said not everyone can afford the transition surgery, for transgender men without transitioning surgery, how to be real men? Surgery and treatment are great ways for female to change their gender to male, and make them become real men, but social transformation is also an important way for them to become masculine and live as men. You can start to change your dress style and the way you act. By changing your dressing style to make yourself look like a real man, after all, your appearance is the first impression on other people. You should also remember that your acting will change other people's opinions on you and affect transgender dating. Hide your female features, and try to look like a regular man.