Discrimination Faced by these Transgender People

It is reported that transgender men and women face more discrimination and pressure than we think in all aspects of life. According to a previous survey, more than half of all transgender people have been discriminated against and harassed in school, and a quarter of transgender people have also been personally assaulted. Even more terrifying is the fact that one in ten transgender people has experienced sexual assault in the previous year, and half of transgender people have experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. Not only in these areas, transgender people are the objects of discrimination and bullying in every aspect we can imagine. They are faced with different levels of harassment, whether at home, in school, at work or even in hospitals. As a result, they are more at risk of suicide or mental illness than cisgender people. The most frightening thing is that for transgender people of color, they bear a heavier burden.

Unfortunately, people's understanding of these transgender hook up people is not the discrimination and harassment they face, but the threat to non transgender people when their rights are protected. The following is about the negative impact that non transgender people will have on transgender people when their rights are protected.

The use of bathrooms by transgender people that match their gender identity has aroused a lot of heated discussion among non transgender people. In recent years, one of the most obvious changes against transgender discrimination is the public approval of transgender people to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. That is to say, for MTF without sex change surgery, they can also use women's bathrooms. The purpose of this change is to show respect for transgender people and reduce their sense of discrimination. However, this change is still strongly opposed by many non transgender people. These opponents have a fear of sexual abuse, because traditionally, people should use bathrooms that match their assigned sex and reproductive organs. When a man with a male reproductive organ uses a female bathroom, it will pose a sexual and moral threat to cisgender women. This is what people call gender panic.

Gender panic is a kind of fear when the transgender women who still keep the male reproductive organs are in a private space with cisgender women. However, few people will worry about the worry of a MTF entering the men's bathroom. This is because from the traditional point of view, women are weak and have no ability to fight against men.

People are afraid of gender because of the stereotype of men and women. It is believed that men are naturally more inclined to commit sexual assault, while women, due to their weak body, can only be sexually assaulted. Transgender women are women, not men, even though they have male reproductive organs In fact, they are the targets of sexual assault, not the perpetrators. Moreover, transgender women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted than cisgender women. Find trans single here.